Frequently Asked Questions


1. Can I view merchandise prior to the day of auction?
The only viewing time available is the day of the auction, commencing 2 hour prior to the sale. All items are displayed for prospective buyers to inspect.

2. What is the order of the Sale ?
Each auction is conducted through a catalog, with each item receiving a lot number and a description.
In the event that a prospective purchaser cannot stay to bid on an item, we may bring a particular lot forward. This request can be made during the viewing period or during the auction. We also offer a telephone bidding service (this must be organized prior to the auction commencing) or an absentee bid where the auctioneer can execute a bid on your behalf. Our front desk staff will be happy to discuss and arrange any of these options with you.

3. How do I bid?
Simply raise your hand, bidding card or call out your bid. The auctioneer will also accept commonly used hand signals, which will be explained at the commencement of the auction.

4. How do I make payment for my purchases?
Payment for purchases are to be made on the day of the auction. We accept cash, Amex, Visa, MasterCard, Diners Club, Discover and Carte Blanche credit cards. Personal & company checks can be accepted by the successful purchaser but the auction company will hold the merchandise for at least 5 business days until the check is cleared. Once the funds have been verified, Lawsons Inc. will mail the items registered mail for the insured amount.

5. Is there an admission charge?
No. The auction is also open to the public. Free catalogs will also be available on the auction day.

6. What is the 15% Buyer’s Premium?
It is standard practice across all auction houses to add a fee to the sales price of every item. This fee, known as a Buyer’s Premium, forms part of the commission for the auction house

7. Are there any reserves?
There are no fixed reserves on the items for sale.  However, the auctioneers have wide discretion and can refuse a bid, refer or pass in an item if they deem the bid to be unreasonable.

8. Can I change my mind on an item already purchased?
No, all auction houses require customers inspect potential purchases thoroughly during the scheduled viewing of goods and evaluate their priorities before bidding.

9. Do you have loupes available at the auction?
Yes. We have several loupes that you can use for a closer inspection of the jewelry pieces. The staff is also very knowledgeable about jewelry and are very helpful.

10. Do you issue certificates of authenticity?
Yes. Certificates will be available at the day of the auction.

11. How do I find out about future auctions?
Simply register with the front desk staff at an auction, or register online to receive notice of future auctions in your area. You may also call our office and be put on the mailing list.

12. Why do people buy at Lawsons auctions?
Our customers list the following reasons for returning time and again:
• Reputable source of jewelry since 1993
• Value for money
• Being able to determine the price of an item
• Superior quality and selection of goods offered
• Friendly, relaxed atmosphere
• Guaranteed catalog descriptions
• The environment at Lawsons auctions are exciting – with the thrilling prospect of purchasing a remarkable piece at the right price.